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1.- Full Package

To reward our loyal customers, the store puppy grooming grooming now offers prepaid bundles . Purchase a bundle in advance and save instantly on pet grooming services. The more you bundle, the more you save
This would cost $150 but if you buy prepaid only cost you $130 and also give you additional ( Flea and Tick Treatment ) which costs $10 note this includes 3 bathrooms and a cut a month this package is ie, a monthly bath a week and cut a month within a month ( saving note this package is $30).



2.- Full Grooming

ear cleeaning, haircut, teeth brushing, nail trimming, cost $50 per session.








3.- Full Wash


Cleeaning ear, teeth brushing, nail trimming, cost $35 per session.









4.- Full Wash Package


cleeaning ear , teeth brushing, nail trimming , nail trimming po 4 sessions $120 bath per month (additional Flea and Tick Treatment at a cost of $10 free ) (note saving this package is $ 30).












     5.- Flea and Tick Treatment

     ($10+$35 more for the full bath)
     cost $45 per session.


      6.- Nail Trimming

     cost $10 per session